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Safety shoes anti-static analyzer theory and test methods

Author:Jonathan Date:2012/7/24 17:58:20

Safety shoes anti-static analyzer theory and test methods in a dry environment, the adjusted measure the resistance of conductive shoes.

    Regulation in a dry environment and in wet conditions after the adjustment of the resistance was measured conductive shoes.

    Test Instruments

    When applied (100 ± 2) V DC voltage, resistance can be measured to ± 2.5% accuracy.

    Inner electrode

    By the total mass 4KG, stainless steel diameter 5MM beads. Ball should take measures to prevent or remove the steel ball and copper oxidation, because oxidation may affect their conductive properties.

    Outer electrode

    Consists of a copper contact plate composition, washing with ethanol before use.

    Conductive coating resistance measurement device

    Formed by the three conductive metal probe, the probe radius (3 ± 0.2) MM, mounted on a base plate. Two probes separated (45 ± 2) MM connection by a metal band. The third probe with two other probes midpoint distance (180 ± 5) MM and they are insulated with

    Adjust the sample preparation

    If the shoes are fitted with pads, the test should be retained. With ethanol to remove all surface cleaning sole traces of release agent, washed with distilled water

    And (23 ± 2) ℃ environment dry. Shoes should not rub or wear surface, there should not be used on the soles of the shoe injury or swelling of the organic material cleaning.

    Special preparation of the wet conditioning

    Humid conditions in the regulation of the sample, on the sole area of ​​a layer painted 200MM × 50MM conductive coating, the coating surface including the heel and forefoot shoes. Dry measuring the resistance of the coating is less than 1 × 103 megohm

    Will be filled with a clean ball and shoes on the metal probe on the device, so that before the end outside the palm area of ​​the probe by the two apart 45MM support, followed by the third probe from the support area, with front-end probe and test instruments to measure The third resistance value between the probes.

    According to the function being tested shoes, one of the following conditions are adjusted for the prepared samples.

    1) dry conditions, (20 ± 2) ℃, relative humidity (30 ± 5)%. (For 7 days)

    2) wet conditions, (20 ± 2) ℃, relative humidity (85 ± 5)%. (For 7 days)

    If the test is not in the regulation of the environment, should be removed from the environment in the specimen within 5 minutes after complete testing.

    Test procedure

    4KG clean with a total mass of the ball filled with samples, if necessary, use an insulating material to increase the upper level. Samples will be filled on the copper ball on the ball in between the plate and applied (100 ± 2) V dc test voltage for 1 minute and calculate the resistor value.

    Sole energy consumption should not exceed 3W. If the resistance because of the restrictions considered 3W lower voltage should be recorded in the test report on the actual voltage value.

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