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shoes knowledge

Author:Jonathan Date:2012/7/12 18:39:49

A shoe can be explained as footwear that is used for protecting the foot. Normally, people wear shoes when they want to move from one place to another, but the fashion statement also plays an important role. When you visit a shop where shoes are sold, you will see varieties of them that differ in size, style and also in cost. Everyone has a desire of looking beautiful and attractive and in that case shoes also play an important part. They are used for the purpose of protecting the feet and to give comfort.

There are varieties of shoes meant for men, women, kids etc. A shoe comprises of different parts and when you go for purchasing it, you should remember some points that will help you in selecting the best among the different types. You should look at the sole of the shoes very carefully as it is present at the bottom part and is the main thing used for protecting the feet. The second area which needs consideration is the heel. It is the part which is made for supporting the heel part of the foot. The heels are of different styles and lengths. There are many women who prefer long heels due to fashion.

When selecting the shoes, have a look on the mid sole of the shoe. It is the area between the out sole and the insole and is made for the absorption of shock. Different types of footwear have different types of mid soles in it, so it is important to buy the one that is comfortable to your feet. The different mid sole also depend upon the different companies as they use different types of materials in manufacturing it. Give an important place for the upper part of the shoe, you should notice this particular part very carefully as it is used mainly for holding the feet.


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