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shoes wearing knowledge

Author: Date:2012/9/2 22:31:29

People would like to think about a lot of things when they are in need of buying shoes and there is no exception that shoes design is the main factor they have to take into account. There is a saying said by a famous expert that shoe is a kind of very important health care equipment, if you want to wear shoes, you have to give consideration to both health and beauty. A kind of extreme pointed leather shoes was a fashion trend at that moment, and the longest point can be calculated to ten centimeter, besides it was subjected to be regarded as an additional fashion by females. He pointed that the second heart of a human was the foot, if the narrow head shoes made your toe an extrusion in a single day, there would be influence on the blood circulation and it was extremely not conducive to fitness.

He also pointed out the prevalence of shoes three major errors. Women's high-heeled leather shoes were far more than pig skin shoes. The counter lady admitted that ten customers in at least eight will choose cattle shoes. The reason is simple specially, there are smooth and beautiful surface of cow leathers, but there are thick skin pores of pigs, which was also unsightly. From the aspect of comfort and health, shoes that are made of pig skins can be with more advantage.

In his opinion, your feet would like to be in a more comfortable condition by wearing breathable and tide away pig leather shoes just for the coarse skin pores of pigs. In recent years, it was fashionable for women to wear heavy-bottomed shoes, and some shoes were with full amount. A lot of men would like to wear weighty shoes, therefore, in order to show their manliness, they are bone to wear shoes with heavy weight. According to scientific statistics, if your feet sharpen one gram, the body will sharpen seven gram and if your feet sharpen half a catty, and then your body will sharpen three and a half kilogram.

Wear such kinds of shoes to walk, people are likely to put on fatigue, and a kind of acid liquid will be secreted from joints of feet after you are tired, which would be bad for human health. It is clear to see that you will have backache and leg hurt if you wear high-heeled shoes. Therefore, many people think that the lower heels of your shoes, the better to your body. As a matter of fact, the height of flat is not the ideal heel height.

According to reports, when a person does not wear shoes and stands up, four out of five or more heavy will beat in the heel, which is beyond the scope of its tolerance. However, when the height of high shoes is over five to six centimeters, the toes would like to bear two out of three of the body weight, while if you put forward your body at the same time, it will cause toe bones and spine deformation. According to information, the perfect heel height is two to three centimeters no matter for males or females.

Furthemore, relevant sectors also can be driven by the development of shoes industries. From the original small, simple and traditional cottage, Quanzhou footwear has become the nation's major footwear production base. In the meantime, it also led to the rapid development of related industries, such as leather, leather chemicals, and machinery metal and other industries.

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